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Direct investments in Nordic Property

3 september 2018

How is the Nordic transactions market developing and which are the main projects to be undertaken in the Nordic capitals? Listen to investor panels and market analysis med with inspiring speakers at Business Arena Stockholm, September 19-20, 2018 – Scandinavia’s biggest annual property event.

Wednesday, September 19: Debt and fixed income – the vital lever
What does the funding situation for the Nordic property industry look like? Are the skies clear or are there any clouds on the horizon? Which alternative markets can the sector look to and which are currently the biggest issuers? On stage: Birgitta Leijon, General Manager Nordics, Aareal Bank, Magnus Richardsson, Head of Commercial Real Estate, Nordea, Louis Landeman, Head of Credit Research, Danske Bank Markets and Åsa Bergström, CFO, Fabege.

Thursday, September 20: Investing in the Nordics – International investor panel
When pondering investment in a regional market, it is important to gain insights into the different market elements. Who better to give these insights than those who are already active, have invested and done their due diligence? A panel of international investors shares their experiences with doing investment in the Nordics.
Among the speakers: Peter Helfrich, Region Head North West Europe, Patrizia.

The English programme
Business Arena Stockholm 2018 consists of two days filled with thrilling speakers, investment seminars, focused discussions and plenty of opportunities for networking.

Browse through the English version of the programme here!

The participant list
We are happy to present the second version of the participant list for Business Arena Stockholm. This version contains all names submitted, with approval, until August 30. We currently have, by 30 August, around 5700 people registered to attend both days of the congress. (Please note that this participant list only contains the names submitted with approval, in accordance with the data protection regulation GDPR).
Not yet registered? Register here!

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Vi byter namn

Nyheter inför september

Nyheter inför september

”Jag vill verkligen rikta ett tack till Fastighetsnytt för ett bra och spännande arrangemang som lockar så många besökare och intressanta talare”
- Helene Hellmark Knutsson, minister för högre utbildning och forskning, Utbildningsdepartementet
”Business Arena är ett otroligt effektivt sätt att träffa dem man behöver träffa. Under två dagar här har man gjort väldigt mycket av det kontaktskapandet man behöver för den vardagliga verksamheten ”
- Annica Carlsson, Equator Stockholm AB
”Business Arena är ett av de bästa tillfällena på året som man får träffa alla människor som jobbar i branschen. Alla är samlade på en och samma plats ”
- Mark Humphreys, Tengbom
”Sverige behöver Business Arena”
- Business Arena Umeå-delegat, 2015